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Marcia Monroe

Marcia MonroeMarcia Monroe is a certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher who has had extensive training in India under the personal supervision of BKS Iyengar with a particular focus on improving her own scoliosis. She  has been offering scoliosis series at the Iyengar Institute in New York City, and Iyengar Centers worldwide. 


She is the author of Yoga and Scoliosis: A Journey to Health and Healing

Introduction by Loren Fishman, MD

Foreword by B.K.S. Iyengar


She is a Movement Therapist(SUNY,ISMETA) and has been certified by the somatic methods of Body Mind Centering and Feldenkrais. 

In her classes  Marcia will focus on how to modify basic yoga asanas (postures) for each individual's scoliosis, in sequences which promote lengthening of the spine, stability, mobility, balance, strength, sensitivity and awareness of the breath.

The Iyengar method is an in-depth approach to yoga known for its central emphasis on correct musculo-skeletal alignment. Regular practice releases patterns of back pain and discomfort due to asymmetries, stress and general stiffness/weakness of the back.

Marcia’s classes are appropriate for those with scoliosis and asymmetries  who have no previous Iyengar yoga experience, as well as yoga students and teachers who would like to learn about these conditions. 

Please consult your physician prior to attending the classes. The classes are designed for students with functional physical conditions. 

In March 2014 Marcia will teach six classes which will be built upon an evolutionary sequence  on specific group of asanas modified for working with the tridimensional aspects of scoliosis, asymmetries, and back care.