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Sri H.S.Arunji

ArunjiFor the past three and a half decades, Sri H.S.Arun has practised and taught the art and science of Yoga. When he was  teaching at a Yoga centre in Bangalore in the year 1978  he met Guruji Yogacharya Dr. B.K.S.Iyengar. Since then there was no looking back . Arunji became Guruji's disciple and has been one of the very few Indian to attend several intensive classes which were held at the Iyengar Institute in Pune. He also honed his practice with both Prashantji and Geetaji Iyengar.

Over the years, Arunji has developed his own way of sharing what he has learnt from his gurus and through his own extensive practice. In the past 29 years, thousands of students have come to learn from him at Prashant Yogashraya, his yoga centre in Bangalore, where he teaches along with his wife, Srimathaji. Prashant Yogashraya is an institution that keeps its doors open to all, and all the year round.

Since 2000, Arunji has been travelling extensively to many parts of the world. He has a large student following in South America - in Chile, Bolivia,  Argentina, Peru, Brazil, and Venezuela.

He has also been invited repeatedly to teach in the United States of America, and spends several months each year sharing his knowledge from coast to coast. He has also travelled to places like Israel and Hong Kong.

Arunji's students find his teaching simple, direct and effective. His quick wit and humour lend a special positive energy to his classes. The endless variety in his sequences, based on the solid foundation of the Iyengar tradition allows students to explore deeply the many facets of yoga.

Arunji has been recognised with many awards, most notably the highest honour given by his home state Karnataka - the Rajyotsava Award.